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if i were rosemary woodhouse [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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her majesty's somethign somethign colelctive movement etc [Nov. 18th, 2006|11:14 am]
if i were rsoemary

her majesty's circle jerl movement collective,?????

...its alwasy been my idea to make more of DIYKNITS... less about JUST mundane knits...
i'm gettign bored & my dear friend jasmine(jazzercise) is my new partner in crime... everythign is gogin in a whole new direction...(she is wondefully creative, & we think in similiar directions, on top of that she is skilled left-handed knitter, how sexy is that!)

jasmine smoking lightning bolts mosiac

NOT JSUT knits, but embroidery projects, art collaborations, collectives etc...

were goign to keep the STAPLE diyknits that are my original patterns, such as the FANNYPACKS, teh bras, teh fingerless gloves (w/ soem new tweaking), the berets(w/ some tweaking)...
also FINALLY gogin start work on original patterns for DILDO/VIBRATOR COZIES, knitted accesories (think bows)...
ALSO, embroidery original items, embroidered original designed KNICKERS, personalized Handkerchiefs , ....

finally, my favorite part, to include our creative friends to promote their art, to promote their limited prints or photograpghs or what have you!, to help sell their art, etc etc...i'm going to get in touch with you matt, jlee, alica, of course jasonlee, etc etc...of course bunnyfish,e tc

jasonlee with his art at raise up

NOW we jsut need a name, & we both have asoft spot for long, ridiculous, lots of unnecesary titles etc...
anythign with league, collective or you get the idea
last night i was thinking soemthign HER MAGESTY's something, something something movement hahah!
any ideas?

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true story! [Nov. 15th, 2006|10:32 pm]
if i were rosemary...

so this bratty girl who i stopped from beating up a little boy, well i saw her in my stairwell today, with her three friends, they waited for enid & i to come in the doorway, & then stood there staring all mean at us, like they wanted to fight us! it was creepy as hell!
i have ten year old terrorists after me!
i could hear them whispering as i went up the stairs, "thats her!",
i said hi & smiled, but it was yucky as fuck...

she coudl take me...

in other things that can be titled fantastic, & smiles occurring...
**kozyndan chose to psot this image on their bunnyfish page!
its jlee's photo!

(of course, its easiest if i pretend its not me, otherwise i feel so silly & maybe self-conscience)
**my friend matt cipov (whom i shared an embroidery collaboration w/), drew
an amzing drawign for me too! talk abotu pick me ups....

**& enid has three cute little junior kindergarten friends, & luke has made
multiple copies of a home movie onto dvd's, amazingly brilliant, he now owns my old camera, i'm excited to see what it brings

**& jasonlee had some drawings done for filmmaker cam archer

ok please note: i don't want to be writing a bunch of useless jabber, with littel substance, so i may cut back on the chatter, & i alwasy get nervous abotu the comments made on my life, ya know?..no? anyhow, its been a bit so thats all, sorry... do i need a lj? yor opinions? why do you ahve lj still?
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does this work? [Nov. 15th, 2006|05:04 pm]

Originally uploaded by if i were rosemary woodhouse.
i barely remebr how to do this? tryign somethign new, trying to update this blog through my flcikr account!

is this working!

do i even ahve friends still on here, its been well, i cna't quite remmebr!

is there a picture even showing????
don't you adore morons like me?
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wardrobe re-mix recently! [Sep. 16th, 2006|02:38 am]

while packing i came across this top, i'd entirely forgotten about, for years atleast
white & navy top: found
red belt: thrifted
skinny jeans: old navy
brwon boots: aldo last year
fauxsghetto gold hoops: thrifted
seahorse necklace: thrifted
somewhat princess lei/easy to pack hair

skinny jeans: old navy
suspenders navy & light blue: urban outfitters
old red sweater w/ feather & fan pattern: old navy
wife beater
faux gold heart necklace: h&m
seahorse necklace: thrifted
faux gold hoops: thrifted
pointy black t-strap flats: aldo last year

laundry day...its piling up pretty bad!
& two weeks til i move!
old crop jeans: gap
brown japanese kimono imitated blouse: old navy
wife beater: foudn in boyfriend's underwear drawer unworn, menat for stenciling
brown silk-like very long scarf: boyfriend's
black peter pan boots: my new favorite thing, they seem to go with anything, the good, the bad & the f'ugly
i wish i had two paris, one for endi play, for flopping around in, & 1 pair for good!
cause these are gonna be killed

peter pan syndrome ( i dun wanna grow up!)
green dress/top: h&m
gold necklace: h&m
black diamond tights
peterpan boots black
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LOVE IS ALL AROUND [Sep. 14th, 2006|02:11 am]
[mood |lovedloved]
[music |love is all around]

I feel it in my fingers
I feel it in my toes
The love that's all around me
And so the feeling grows

ps. my birthday is next month, & i want to ask anyone who may or may not be thinking of getting me a gift, in any case, please give a donation in my name to a child's charity instead!
pss. can anyone please also recommend a canadian child's charity that offers foster care donations to children in need around the world, basically non-religious, fostering a starving child program, that is worthy
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please comment to be added [Mar. 1st, 2006|04:15 pm]
if i were rosemary...

in case it needs to be said:
(as i am not out to hurt or slight anyone's feelings)

i have changed my mostly bland visual journal to friends only,
so that just anyone isn't stumbling on pix of my family, ect,
i really am not hiding any negative rants, or anything of that nature at all,
why would i?
as i am using lj to be inspired, to keep up with friends, to meet others, to
be excited by communities, & to be thrilled visually
in the end, ask to be added, & i more than probaly will do so,
definately i would like to say i will!
please i am not interested in negative comments or
bashing of any sort,
i'm sure that goes w/out saying, but just saying it anyhow...
i really love my friends on lj!!!


okay back to knitting

CLICK pic for DIY KNITS & TRADE! à faire soi-même !!

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if i were [Feb. 1st, 2006|02:01 pm]
if i were rosemary woodhouse...

i wouldn't be asking every artist i know to please collabarate on a 4X6, or 8X10
embroidery piece with me...

okay how it works...

i send you teh piece of cotton to draw whatever teh eff you want, send it back,
& i embroider, etc...
simple no?

these are jsut my pieces, so far

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